BDNYC Kinematics Calculator

This application converts stellar parameters, such as Right Ascension, Declination, distance, etc. to Cartesian XYZ coordinates centered on the Sun.
Velocities are returned as UVW velocities along the same axes with X/U positive towards the Galactic center, Y/V positive in the direction of the Sun's motion around the Galaxy, and Z/W positive out of the plane of the Galaxy.
You can resolve objects with Simbad to grab input parameters to use. In the absence of distance or radial velocity information, this application can generate XYZUVW for a range.
Note that information entered in this application is not stored on our server.

This application displays the locations of nearby stellar moving groups from Malo et al. (2013). These groups contain stars with ages of ~10-100 million years and distances within ~150 parsecs of Earth.

This application runs on Python and has been created by David R. Rodriguez. You can grab a copy of the code on GitHub.
We welcome feedback in order to improve this application. Publications that benefit from this should cite this Zenodo record.

Grab information from Simbad:

Normal calculation:

RA (J2000, deg)
Dec (J2000, deg)
pmRA (mas/yr)
pmDec (mas/yr)
Distance (pc)
Radial Velocity (km/s)

Range of radial velocities:

Initial Velocity (km/s)
Final Velocity (km/s)
Velocity Step (km/s)

Range of distances:

Initial Distance (pc)
Final Distance (pc)
Distance Step (pc)

Multiple Targets:

Upload an ascii file with multiple targets to process. The file should be comma-delimited and contain a header row. The order of the columns does not matter as the header is used to determine the contents.
For example:

165.46,-34.70,-66,-13,TW Hya,53,14

Created by David R. Rodriguez for the Brown Dwarfs in New York City (BDNYC) research team. 10.5281/zenodo.51324